My DOOM site's Web Browser (Update list)

Update 1.0.0:

Bug fix when loading a page...

You can now set a custom homepage that opens when you start the program or press "Home" button...

Added "My DOOM site" to the favorite list...

Fixed the colored text bug...

And more bug fixes...

Update 1.0.1:

Added "favicon"

Update 1.2.0:

Added window location and size save.

Added "Do you want to close all tabs?" message at program close.

Added YouTube and Yahoo! search.

Changed Full screen mode button text to: "Toggle Full Screen mode".

Added load bar at the start of the application.

Update 1.3.0:

Fixed "Close current tab" bug...

Added 3 new search engines: Bing, Aol and Ebay.

Replaced Red, Green, Blue, Black color buttons with "Choose color...".

Added "Use current site..." in the hompage menu.

Changed "Add to browser..." button to "Navigate...".

Removed the "Separate" button in History Save.

Update 1.3.1:

Added 3 new search engines:, Wikipedia,

Update 1.6.0:

Added custom download dialog.

Added "Blocked Sites" tab on the 'Settings' menu.

Added "Clear History on close" checkbox at 'Settings'.

Added "Enable startup splash screen" checkbox at 'Settings'.

Switched the address field from textbox to a combobox.

Fixed bug causing Internet Explorer opening a new window instead of MDSSWB.

Added "Zoom" options for the web pages.

On install, My DOOM site's Web Browser will now be set as the regular browser.

Bugs in this version:

Downloaded wep pages wont open when you opens them with MDSSWB.

Instead the Web Browser will open up the Home Page.